Sims 4:Day 2 at Jordan Family:How to Get the Desired Emotional State For Boosting Job Performance

Good Morning Jordan Family!I wish this morning had been good for them!But life of the Jordan Family was little messy on the second day in Willow Creek.They woke up in the morning feeling uncomfortable because of urgent urination.As soon as they got up,every one of them rushed to the loo to release themselves.
I love how he walks holding pee.It's kinda funny though.I've to admit that Sims 4 Team did a really good job on creating emotions and integrating them into the Sims' life.

Jennifer also got sore back from cheap bed.But after a minute she forgot her back pain and was feeling flirty.
In Sims 4 one moodlet can influence different types of emotions at the same time for example the 'Decorated' moodlet above was boosting 'Flirty' emotional state while making Jennifer happy.
Few seconds after feeling flirty Jennifer became again uncomfortable because of her back pain and hunger.She went to have a quick breakfast in the kitchen.However,Laura was already making breakfast for the family.
Meanwhile,Alex was feeling energized but he was hungry too.So,he grabbed a plate first.
Jennifer again felt flirty at the breakfast table.Their emotional state were changing in seconds and driving me crazy.By the way,I found out an interesting option of telling joke and it's about Sunset Valley of Sims 3.Another hot fact is that Sims can give sexy pose while they're flirty.

All of them became playful from having jokes except Alex.Laura wanted to make silly faces on the mirror while Jeff flashed crazy eyes at Jennifer.
Now let's focus on their job....
I'm a bit disappoint about Sims 4 jobs as there are no work buildings,Sims move off-screen to work and no carpool in Sims 4 where in Sims 3 I can see my Sims rushing for work,their work buildings and even I can see inside those buildings and control every action of them while at work with the Ultimate Careers Mod.

From above screenshots you can see that there is an ideal mood requirement for every career in Sims 4.There are also daily tasks along with promotion requirement tasks.Mood requirement for Jennifer,Laura and Jeff was 'Inspired' while for Alex it's 'Focused'. But all of my Sims were then in different mood than their required mood.So,how to influence their emotions to get the desired mood?
 I bought Jeff some books of emotional category from the bookshelf.As I needed him to be inspired I gave him to read the one which would give him some inspiration.Making your Sims read books from emotional category is a great way to get the desired mood for them.But you need to choose the specific one which will get your job done.You can easily identify which of those books will influence which mood from the book description.
 As we can see Jeff got the inspired moodlet.However,still his emotional state hadn't change.But why?
Because his other moodlets were boosting the playful mood.But over the time those moodlets will fade away and the inspired moodlet will take the lead if he doesn't do any activity which will boost his playful mood during this time.You can also boost the chances of getting the desired mood by making your Sims' do the activities related to that mood one after another.Jeff was off to work after reading that book.
See those playful moodlet had gone away and he was feeling inspired at work.


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