Sims 4 Mods List Compiled

New on 4 October,2014:
Lunar Surface Terrain PaintNew non-default terrain paint
Larger Interaction Queue – Allows you to have up to 10 actions in queue

Faster Gardening – Speeds up certain gardening tasks

Longer Efficiency Emotion PotionsIncreases moodlet time of Emotion Potions

No More Autonomous Phone Actions – Sims will no longer use their phone autonomously

Mask Mod – Allows you to use objects as hats and masks
Weekend HousekeepingAllows you to order housekeeping on weekend

Live Mode and Tab Mode Camera ModRemoves drift and increases camera range

No Auto PCPrevents autonomous use of PC
Daily Save Mod - Makes a save to your game every Sim day

Autonomous Repairs - Sims will autonomously repair broken objects and scavenge in trash piles

Expanded Head Size Range - Increases the customization range of a Sim’s head
Breast AugmentationIncreases the customization range of Sim’s breasts

Glasses SliderIncreases the customization range of a Sim’s eye glasses

Expanded Facial Slider RangeIcreases the customization range of a Sim’s face

No More Autonomous Drink ActionPrevents autonomous use of fridge drinks

Fewer StalkbysDecreases the amount of random visitors to the active household

Menu EnablerEnables use of the Sim info panels when a Sim is away at work, school, or other lots.

New MoonsA selection of new moons for the game

Empty Worlds - Empty versions of Willow Creek and Oasis Springs

 Up to 3 October,2014:

Get Town PopulationChecks how many Sims live across all worlds in your game
Smaller Censor/Mosaic – Minimize the “Blur” on naked Sims.

Longer/Shorter Pregnancy – Increase and decrease pregnancy time
Change Sim Name or GenderAllows you to change the name and gender of a Sim

Persistent TestingCheats – Keeps the “testingcheats true” enabled

New Social Event: Destination Party – Adds new party type to the game
Expanded Physique RangeExpands body range

Move Objects OnEnables the ability to overlay objects in game

Cheap Aspiration RewardsChanges the price of potions and traits in the Rewards Store
Switch to Outfit on Date - Sims will wear their Formal or Party outfits when out on a date

Fish Freshness Fix - Fixes the ultra-fast decay of fish freshness

New Social Event: Date Party - Adds new party type to the game
Teen and YA RomanceAllows Teens and Adults to have a romantic relationship

Full House Mod – Have more than 8 Sims in your household

Buyable Hidden Lot EntrancesAllows you to purchase the Hidden Lot Entrances in buy mode
Buyable GravesAllows you to purchase Urns and Gravestones in buy mode

Buyable MailboxesAllows you to purchase any mailbox in buy mode

Buyable Collection Dig SitesAllows you to purchase collectible dig sites in buy mode

Buyable PondsAllows you to purchase all ponds in buy mode

Naked Woohoo and Try for Baby- Enables “naked” blur when Sims Woohoo ro Try for Baby

Sims 4 Importer – Allows you to import and export Sims, Lots, and Rooms from your Sims 4 Library. This ultimately allows players to promote their content on sites other than the gallery.

No Emotion StingersRemoves the music that plays between each emotion

No Highlight – Removes the White Outline that appears when clicking Sims and objects

Stand Still in CAS – Sims of all ages stand still while in Create-a-Sim 
No Blur in the DistanceRemoves the Depth Of Field blur in the distance

Indoor Lights BrighterAllows you to modify the indoor lighting of the game

No IntroRemoves the “Maxis” and “EA” Intros when starting the game

TestingCheats Always OnKeeps cheat command enabled all the time
The Sims 4 Studio – Tool for making custom content for The Sims 4

Crescent Moon – Enables a crescent moon for your worlds
Enable Advanced Debug & Cheat InteractionsEnable Advanced Debug/Cheat Interactions

Sims 4 Simple Mod Manager – Manage your installed Mods

Very Low Bills – Household Bills are only 100 simoleons

Buff Emotion ChangesChanges the emotions that certain buffs give

Needs/Motive DecaySet the decay percentage for Sim motives

Teen Careers for all AgesTeen careers are enabled for adults and elders
Decorative Vehicles - Unlocks the world’s decorative forms of transportation

Strawberry Strawberry Cake - Makes Strawberries an ingredient in the Strawberry Cake

Realistic Bills - Changes the money amount of your household bills

Satisfaction Console CheatIncrease or decrease satisfaction points

Coffee Gives More Energy – Increases the energy given by drinking coffee

The Sims 4 Mod ManagerManage your installed Mods

SimocideEnables cheat to Kill your Sims

Relationship Decay ModSet the decay percentage for relationships

Babies for EveryoneAllows Sims of both genders to impregnate other Sims, and become pregnant themselves
Go to Work in Everyday ClothesSims will work in everyday clothing instead of career outfits

Orange Juice Power Ade - Child energy will increase when drinking orange juice

Stuff Breaks Far Less Easily – Changes how often common household items break
Set Age CheatAllows you to change the age group of any Sims

Call Anytime + Relationship Mod - Removes “it’s late” notices when calling Sims after bedtime, and also increases relationship gain when Sims chat on the phone

Bro/Insane Trait Replacements - Replaces the Bro and Insane Traits
  Teen Pregnancy/Marriage/RomanceEnables Pregnancy, Marriage and Romantic socials for teens.

No Mosaic - Removes “Blur” from Sims that Breastfeed, Streak, Bathe, and Use the Toilet

Time Speed Changer - Makes game time slower

Sims 3 to Sims 4 Moon - Changes The Sims 4 Moon to the Sims 3 Version (Thanks MySims4Blog)

Improved LightingImproves indoor and outdoor lighting

No Fade Sims & Objects – Stops in game fading when zooming in on Sims and Objects

TV & Computer Menu RevampChanges menu options to more familiar “real life” channels

GTA Radio StationsChanges Radio Station names to those from Grand Theft Auto

Weirder Walkstyles DisabledDisables certain walkstyles and replaces them with other styles

Super SpeedSpeed 3 doubles in speed 

No Fateness/No MusclesStops daily physique changes on Sims 

BuildBuyMode Unlocker - Unlocks locked objects in build/buy mode

Unlock Objects – Unlocks Build/Buy objects for Residential/Community Lots. Also unlocks Rooms

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