The Sims 4: First Expansion Pack Delayed New Content Promised

The first expansion pack for Sims 4 is being delayed until at least April 2015 and possibly much later.   
"The publisher also confirmed today that another expansion for The Sims 4 has also been delayed to sometime in fiscal 2016. EA did not provide any further details about the expansion."  —Gamespot
Whether that’s to get the expensive, yet embarrassingly buggy game “right” and quit alienating fans or if it’s a sign they’re going to be putting The Sims 4 out of its misery Soon™ ‘er than expected we do not know.   
What we do know is the first expansion pack is being worked on:
  • Taylor Parks, credited voice actor for The Sims 4, tweeted a confirmation they were working on an expansion   Source
  • Linkedin Confirmation  Source
  • Earlier this month when asked if we’d be getting Sims 4 expansions SimGuruDaniel responded, “Seems likely.” —Daniel Hiatt
  • Zerbu finds “Active Career” references in The Sims 4 game files which corresponds with an official survey.   Source
And EA made statements promising additional content for The Sims 4.
"We have plans to continue delivering fresh content and gameplay to the vibrant Sims community."  —Andrew Wilson
  • Sims 4 Expansion Delayed to FY 2016 — (forum thread)
Source:  EA

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