Some Interesting Facts About Sims 4 "Get to Work" Expansion

  1. Aliens will look like regular Sims and it will be the job of the player to “uncover which Sims are truly out of this world.”
  2. Doctor Sims can see patients and work with surgery machines. Being a Doctor is about working at the hospital and managing the Sims that are coming through the door.
  3. Scientists work in a lab and create inventions and serums. The serums have a bunch of different effects on Sims, and the player can use them on anyone in the neighborhood.
  4. Detectives will go around town to solve crimes and track down criminals. They can interrogate Sims and can even book them into the station.
  5. Entrepreneurs can set up retail spaces where they can set things for sale. They can run a little cafe where they sell the pies and cakes that they’ve made at home, the paintings they’ve created, produce they’ve grown, or even just take items out of the catalog and set up a little toy store or home goods store.
  6. Sims cannot have multiple jobs, but running a business does not count as a job, so a Scientist or Doctor Sim can still own a business on the side.
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Sanjana Sims

I've been addicted to The Sims series games since the release of Sims 1.My all time favorite is Sims 3 though currently enjoying Sims 4.Besides playing the Sims 4 I love to create custom contents for it,in fact creating custom content for Sims 4 has become my new addiction.

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