Sims 4 Gameplay Story of The Scott Household: The Crime Scene (Chapter-4)

(To get sync with this story read Chapter 3 if you already have not)
Ray arrived at the crime scene....

sims 4 detective career

He heard a lady was crying inside the house.He was about to enter into the house to check with the lady but he stopped as he noticed a drawing was made on the grass with black ink.

sims 4 detective career

He took a picture and collected a sample of it.When he entered into the house,he saw two of his co-workers slacking off by reading books and doing nothing.But as they were ranked higher than him,he could not point that out to them. 

sims 4 detective career

So,ignoring his senior co-workers,he headed to the direction from which the sound of someone crying was coming.When he entered the room,he saw his other co-workers were dusting off the sample and taking witness report.He also saw another woman was pacifying the crying lady.

sims 4 detective career

He approached the crying lady and asked,
"Would you mind telling me what happened in detail?"

sims 4 detective career

sims 4 detective career

"Last night I was in deep sleep and when I woke up I saw all of my paintings were missing.Someone stole them when I was sleeping.",she replied.

"I see.How much the paintings worth?",he further asked.

"I make money by selling my paintings to the gallery and I earn a pretty decent amount doing this.Around four of my paintings were stolen which worth some $25000 in total.I was going to built my own art studio with that money.Now all my dreams are shattered.",she broke into tears while she was telling that."I wish the Simmer would trap that thief to death in an art gallery room.",she added with spite.

"Don't worry Miss,we'll caught the thief and get your paintings back.",he replied with a sweet smile to come her down.

While talking to her,he noticed another piece of drawing made on the floor beside the bed on which she was sitting.He immediately took a picture and collected a sample of it.

"Looks like the robber is pretty creative.",he said to his co-worker while collecting the samples of the drawing.

He then dusted off prints from several furniture and collected more clues about the suspect.

sims 4 detective career

He returned to the police station and started analyzing the samples he collected on the crime scene.

sims 4 detective career

"I found a grey hair near the stereo while dusting prints off from it.",he said to his co-worker Jane as he put samples into the chemical analyzer,"The thief may be an old person."

"But the hair could be anybody's,even it could belong to our senior officer Mrs. Agatha.",Jane replied while processing case reports on the computer.

"No,it could not,it's a male hair.There is no old male officer in our squad and that house belongs to two young women.",he said "Let's test if the hair DNA matches with the thief's fingerprint DNA we collected."

"I also checked with the neighbors if they've seen anything and one was telling he saw a man in a jacket and shorts coming out of that house at around 3 am last night.",she added.

"The hair got matched.See,I told you.",he bragged.

"Cool!",she said.

After analyzing all evidence he made a list of all the clues about the suspect he found.He submitted all the necessary information of this case to senior detective.He was then ordered to take mugshots and fingerprints of two prisoners.

sims 4 detective career

 He got disgusted by the body odor of the prisoner while checking her.He found a device in her pocket and asked,"What's this!? Are you planning to break the cell with it?"
"Why should I tell you my plan?",she questioned back.
"You are right,I don't need to know your plan as it just got failed.",he replied as he ceased the device and put it in a locker.

sims 4 detective career

"Open your eyes and don't make faces.",he said in a rude voice while trying to take mugshots of her.

sims 4 detective career

After wasting ten minutes she finally posed properly for the shots."Now you look good.",he said to her as he took her shots.

sims 4 detective career

He then took her fingerprints,locked her in cell and took the next prisoner to the booking station.While he was busy with the prisoners,Elle was busy in treating her patients.

sims 4 doctor career

After she successfully treated the patients she was assigned to,Dr. Andres came to her and said,"You did a very good job today and I think it's time to have lunch and a chat with your co-workers"

"Thank you,it would be great if you join me for the lunch.",she said.

"I would love to,but I've to attend a surgery of a patient.",he replied.

She then went to the cafeteria.However she decided to have lunch at her home as her shift would be ending within an hour.She enjoyed a mug of coffee though.

sims 4 doctor career

She chatted with her co-workers for a while and then called Ray.

sims 4 doctor career

"Hello,I just called to check on you.",she said.

sims 4 detective career

"I'm fine,a bit busy though.How're you doing?",asked Ray.

"Not good,I couldn't kill any patient today.",she laughed,"Actually it's great here,everyone is so friendly and helpful."

"That's really great!",he said,"When will your shift end?"

"I'm leaving for home within a few minutes.",she replied,"I've to hang up now.I'll catch you later."

"Take care.",he said.

"Love you.",she said and hung up the phone.

To be continued.......


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