Sims 4 Gameplay Story of The Scott Household: After the shift ended (Chapter-5)

(To get sync with this story read Chapter 4 if you already have not)

Elle wrapped up her work at the hospital after talking to Ray on the phone and left for home. "A stressful day indeed!",she thought to herself on entering into her home."I'm hungry as hell...there should be some leftovers in the fridge.",thinking to herself  she headed to the kitchen.But suddenly she stopped on her way as she decided to take a shower first.She had been in contact with many patients at the hospital,she didn’t want to spread germs in her home.

sims 4 gameplay story

The brisk shower she took gave her a fresh and energetic feeling.Still being too tired to cook,she grabbed leftovers of the last night's dinner from the fridge and made her lunch with that.

sims 4 gameplay story

Meanwhile,Ray's shift at the police station ended.After quickly wrapping up his work,he went to the washroom and changed himself into formal wear.His co-workers were quite surprised to see that but then they thought of him attending a party somewhere or going on a date directly from the police station.

sims 4 gameplay story

He got out of the police station and called Mr. George.

"Hello,just to inform you I'm heading for the meeting now",he said over the phone.

"Alright Sir,Mr. Donovan will be there by half an hour",replied Mr. George.

"Great",Ray replied and cut the call off.

He then headed for the business meeting with Mr. Donovan.

sims 4 gameplay story

Meanwhile,Elle finished her lunch and cleaned the kitchen.Though at first she thought that there was no need to keep a maid as they’re a small family of two members only,but soon she changed her mind as cleaning the house right after a long tiring day at work came out pretty exhausting for her.She then called the maid service to hire one and a maid was appointed to work from the next day.

“Ahhh….I can finally relax now.”,she thought to herself.She got plenty of time alone at home till Ray returned.She made her mind to read a book for killing those free hours.She walked over to the bookshelf in the living room.While she was thinking what to read she noticed a book called,”50 ways to know your Simmer”.

“My Simmer???I never thought about my Simmer.What he..umm..or she would be like???”,she thought to herself as she took the book.She furrowed her brow while reading the preface of the book.”What’s it saying??? The future of my life depends on what type of Simmer I got!!! To get an idea of what my future holds I need to know my Simmer!!!” She sat on the sofa while reading the book.The words of the book put her in deep thought.”I think Ray and I got a female simmer.Most of the rooms of our house are flooded with pink!!! I think I’m her favorite too.I got way more clothes and accessories than Ray.Poor Ray!!!” 

sims 4 gameplay story

She couldn’t think further as her eyes felt heavy and tired.She lay down on the sofa and sank into a deep sleep.

sims 4 gameplay story

To be continued........

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