Sims 4 Gameplay Story of The Scott Household:The Business Dinner (Chapter-4)

      (To get sync with this story read Chapter 3 if you already have not)

Ray reached the restaurant in which the business dinner was supposed to be held.But he reached quite early there,so he waited for Mr. Donovan to come.After a while,as he saw Mr. Donovan entering into the restaurant,he walked to the entrance to greet him.They shook hands.
Mr. Donovan furrowed his brow looking at his watch and asked,"Am I late? You seems to be waiting for a long time."
"No,not at all,I'm the early bird.",Ray replied.
"Hmm,that explains your face.",said Mr. Donovan.

They then sat together and Ray ordered food for both of them.
"'re you doing?You seem quite stressed.Looks like Bryant gave heavy load on your shoulder. ",said Mr. Donovan.
“No,it’s me who took this load himself trying to get on two boats at a time.”,Ray sighed as he thought to himself.

“What happened?”,Mr. Donovan asked.
“Oh! Nothing!”,Ray put up a smile on his face and replied,”Let’s discuss the matter for which we met here.”
Mr. Donovan nodded his head.
 "The design of the mall is ready,we're expecting to start building the mall within a few weeks.”,Ray added.
"That's great.Actually I'm glad that you at last agreed to give Bryant a shoulder in his business”,Mr. Donovan said,”The business empire you see today was not left by your grandpa for your dad.It was a very small family business.It’s your dad who did the hard yards to bring that small business to this level.” He then heaved a sigh and continued,”But you know Sim life has its end.We have to accept it.But it’s really hard to accept that you built something with all of your efforts,protect that thing till your end and then it’ll be shattered as there is no one to protect it after you.Your dad wants to protect this company through you.”

Though Ray tried to act normal but Mr. Donovan’s word created a guilt somewhere in his heart.”Is it too hard to kill my passion to protect dad’s hard earned yields?”,he thought to himself.

To be continued.....

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