Sims 4 Custom Content Download : Valentine's Day Gift Set

This set is a token of love from me to my Tumblr followers and to all the people who love my cc creations.Thank you my fellow simmers for adoring my work,supporting me and inspiring me to create more cc.Happy Valentine's Day in advance!!! And this Valentine's Day make your Sim surprise his/her romantic partner with a romantic rose bouquet,a heart shaped gift box filled with chocolate and a valentines card.The download link and install instructions are given at the end of this post.

Note: This set has been fixed and updated to the latest patch of 16th August,2016

This set includes-
Rose Bouquet
It's a Default Replacement mod which replaces the EA single rose with the below rose bouquet.
Click on "Offer Rose" under the "Romantic" social  interactions to make your Sim offer this rose bouquet to his/her love.

sims 4 valentine's day gift set custome content (cc) romantic rose bouqet

sims 4 valentine's day gift set custome content (cc) romantic rose bouqet

sims 4 valentine's day gift set custome content (cc) romantic rose bouqet

Gift Box
You'll find it under Decor>Plants section in Buy Mode

sims 4 valentine's day custome content (cc) heart shaped gift box with chocolate

Valentine's Day Card
You'll find it under Decor>Plants section in Buy Mode
It has 6 variations shown below

sims 4 valentine's day custom content (cc) card

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Download And Install Instructions:
  • For installing the items of this set,extract the downloaded zip file and copy all the files of the extracted folder to My Documents>Electronic Arts>Sims 4>Mod folder.You can also try writing SanjanaSims in search bar of the buy mode,it should bring up all the objects of this set.

Recoloring Permission:
  • You can recolor any of my cc you wish as long as you use the "Standalone Recolor" feature in Sims 4 Studio program.
  • You're not allowed to include my original mesh with your re-color or re-upload my cc mod files in your re-colors.This means people need to download and install my original cc to use your re-colors of my cc.When posting your re-colors of my cc to your blog/website,simply let people know in your post that they've to download and install the original objects to use your re-colors of my cc and put a link to my blog post of the specific cc of mine you re-colored.

Usage Policy:

Please Do Not claim this set or objects as your own and Do Not clone and edit the object meshes.Do Not re-upload the set,if you need to share this set just share a link to this post.

Programs Used to Create This Set:

Feel free to comment below if you need any help regarding this set.Share your thoughts about this set,your feedback is a great inspiration for me to create more for The Sims 4.Besides the regular blog comment box,you can comment through the Facebook comment box below.You can also contact me via Email by using the contact form under "Contact Me" in the left sidebar of this page.Happy Simming!!!

Sanjana Sims

I've been addicted to The Sims series games since the release of Sims 1.My all time favorite is Sims 3 though currently enjoying Sims 4.Besides playing the Sims 4 I love to create custom contents for it,in fact creating custom content for Sims 4 has become my new addiction.


  1. now I see I missed few things.....

  2. Hi Sanjana! The Rose Bouquet causes a grahical error on glass surfaces, half wall tops, friezes and trims. Please have a look at the following screenshots.

    a) Glass surfaces:

    b) Tops, friezes, trims: and

    Regards from Feli

    1. Thank you for informing me the glitch.The Rose Bouquet is working correctly in my game which is updated to the latest patch.However,please remove the Rose Bouquet file from your Mod Folder.I'll fix this glitch and update the fixed version.

    2. Hi again! Thank you for fixing it, that's really nice! :)

      My game is also updated to the last patch, hm. I identified this file when I removed all the custom content step by step. Don't know why it affects things which have nothing to do with a Sim's behaviour (building panels and offering a rose). That's weird...

      Warm regards from


    3. I made some changes to the Bouquet file to fix your issue.Please download the set again and use the bouquet mod file from your newly downloaded set.

    4. It works!!! Great job! Thank you very much!


  3. link quebrado, não consegui baixar o arquivo, caso seja possível corrigir, agradeço. seu trabalho e espetacular, parabéns.

    1. I'm sorry for your inconvenience. I fixed the download link. You can download it now.


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