Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff Pack 54 Wishing Well Outcomes Explained

Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff Pack

The Sims team brought back The Wishing Well to the latest Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff Pack.There are nine different wishes, each producing at least six unique outcomes, to create a total of at least 54 outcomes. The nine wishes are: Romance, Happiness, Wealth, Life, Youthful Vigor, Grades, Promotion, Child and Skill.Wishing Well’s temperament has a great affect on each outcome. You can “Make an Offering” of $100, $1000, $5,000 to increase your chances of being granted the wish you choose, but it doesn't always increase your chances.You can only make 3 wishes per 24 Sim hours.

  • Use a secret to blackmail another Sim and you will be awarded money. Earn $3,000 Simoleons or more
  • Lose A LOT of Simoleons and your Sim gets extremely angry.
  • Lose a few Simoleons
  • Win money, but your Sim bets it away
  • Win a few Simoleons
  • Win the lottery, over $10,000
Romance (Only available to single Sims)
  • “Enemy With Benefits”: Red smoke surrounds the well. Another Sim appears with a full romance and relationship bar. The two Sims have a love-hate relationship. They will be making out then before you know it, get into a huge fight.
  • Get access to a “Super-pickup line” which makes other Sim fall in love when used
  • Sim gets flirty mood
  • Your soulmate/boyfriend appears
  • Ghost boyfriend appears
  • Well tells sim to “Give up,” gives sad moodlet, says “it will be a while” before they can be romantic again
  • Your happiness may be given to everyone else
  • Get a playful buff called “Can’t Stop Smiling” with temporary Hysterical moodlet
  • 24 hours of Happy moodlet, but Sim will get sad when period ends
  • Sim gets 24 hour happy mood with no consequence
  • “Always Sunny”: All happy moods get extended to a full 24 hours
  • Your Sim becomes sad and makes everyone else sad too
Life (Only available for Ghosts)
  • Nothing happens, Sim is still a ghost
  • “Potion of Youth”: Ambrosia appears in your inventory
  • Receive ‘Death Flower’ or  'Angel Fish' ingredient for Ambrosia
  • Ghost becomes a alive again
  • Sim gets a taste of life, then dies again.
  • Sim accepts their ghost fate, receives a happy moodlet but doesn't come back to life
Youthful Vigor
  • Sim turns to ghost
  • Days added to lifespan
  • Sim restarts current age
  • Sim becomes energized, but feels horrible afterwards
  • Sim becomes energized
  • Your Sim ages up
Grades (Children only)
  • Performance standards get harder
  • Grades improve by a letter
  • Grades will automatically improve by a letter if you fulfill daily assignment
  • School Performance worsens
  • Grade drops a letter
  • Grades will still improve with lower performance standards
Promotion (Only available to Sims with jobs, Teens included)
  • Automatically Demoted / Sim gets fired (one sim became so angry with The Well, they had a “cardiac explosion” and died)
  • Instantly promoted
  • Nothing happens (too many workers/ no room at the office)
  • Sim has to restart their progress in current career rank
  • Sim gets bonus Check
  • Sim guaranteed promotion next day if daily work tasks fulfilled / Sim could lose job next day if they don't fulfill daily work tasks
  • Receive a call from the adoption agency, waived fee
  • Temporary infertility, Sim gets embarrassed.
  • Ghost Child
  • Child with genius trait
  • Evil Child
  • ‘Try for baby’ succeeds
  • Your sim automatically masters a skill
  • Random skill raised by 3 levels
  • ‘Lack of talent’ moodlet, Sim feels extremely mortified
  • Skill-building boost
  • Sim has “Fogged Mind” trouble building skills, can’t stay focused, keeps abandoning task
  • Sim cannot build a skill for a while
  • If you are already wealthy, don't wish for wealth because The Wishing Well frowns on greed.
  • An "offering" does not guarantee a positive outcome.
  • If your Sim gets a hysterical, or any other extreme mood, calm them down (mirror, yoga) because they could die.
  • The face on the well changes and hints if you will have a positive or negative outcome. Something ghost-related happens when the Well’s face has a hood. If you see The Well’s face light up red, expect the worst outcome. Yellow means a negative outcome. Blue is neutral. Green is positive. White is the best outcome possible.

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