Sims 4 Gameplay Story of The Scott Household:It's Time To Get Ready For Work (Chapter-2)

(To get sync with this story read Chapter 1 if you already have not)

It was 5am,not yet morning,not quite night when Ray woke up.He found Elle not in the bed.He thought she might be in the bathroom.He got out of the bedroom and heard someone working in the kitchen.He quickly went to see who was in the kitchen.And he got a bit surprised when he found Elle there stirring eggs in a pot.

sims 4 gameplay story

sims 4 gameplay story

"Hey,what are you doing up so early?It's still quite dark outside.",he asked from the back.

"Honey,sun rise or not but I've to be at the hospital within two hours.And I think going to work with an empty stomach is not a good idea." ,she replied as she sprinkled some salt over the eggs.

"Okay,I'm going to take a shower now.",he said."I'll join you for the breakfast then."

"Great,I'll call you when it's ready.",she replied.

"Oh,I forgot to tell've to be at the project site today.And I'll leave for the site within a few hours",he felt nervous while lying to her.He immediately left the kitchen for fear that his nervousness might make her suspicious about him,though she,busy with her cooking,didn't even turned to look at his face while he was talking.

By the time Elle finished making the breakfast,the morning sun had vanquished the darkness outside.She took a quick shower.Then coming back to the kitchen,she served the breakfast on the dining table and called Ray to the meal.

sims 4 gameplay story

They sat together for the breakfast at their dining table.Ray took a bite of the scrambled eggs and said,"I'll be home late today,I'm having dinner outside too." 

Hearing that she turned to him and asked,"Do I cook that bad?" 

"Oh dear,no,not at all.",he replied, "Actually,I've to attend a business dinner this evening."

"Now I think I made a good decision joining my work just a day after shifting to a new place.A busy day is a happy day.",she said taking a slice of toast.He understood what she meant but kept silent and went on eating his breakfast.

"Okay,I'm leaving now.Take care.",she said as she stood up without finishing her breakfast.She then changed herself into her career outfit and left for work.A moment after she got out of the house,Ray made a call to Mr. George.

sims 4 gameplay story

"Hello,good morning Sir.",George said on receiving the call.

"Hello,morning,how's it going?",Ray asked.

"We've confirmed from a reliable source that our Simmer has the mall design ready.So we're expecting the mall to be built soon.By the way,Simmer may need you in the mall construction process.",George replied.

Hearing this Ray thought for a moment,"Oh my! That's too soon!!! I'm not yet ready to run the the mall.I want to try for my dream of becoming a detective before I get trapped in my dad's business.I wish Simmer had given me enough time to complete my Cadet Training for the detective career." 

"Hello! Sir,are you there?",George asked after not hearing anything from Ray for a few moments.

"Have you got this confirmation directly from our Simmer.",Ray asked.

"No,we didn't.Usually we don't get any declaration from Simmer but our officials try to observe Simmer's activity and make assumptions based on that.",George replied.

Ray felt a bit relieved hearing the information being not the direct confirmation from Simmer.He replied,"Well,I don't think that I can make it to the office today.But I'll attend the business dinner this evening."

"Okay,Sir,the meeting is scheduled for 7 pm at the Magnolia Bakery and Restaurant." 

"Great",Ray replied and cut the call off.

He said to himself,"I don't know what Simmer is going to do with my dream but for now I got to do what I'm supposed to do."

He then got ready and left for his first day as a Trainee Cadet at the Police Station of Magnolia Promenade.

To be continued.....

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