Sims 4 Gameplay Story of The Scott Household:The first hour of the workday (Chapter-3)

(To get sync with this story read Chapter 2 if you already have not)

sims 4 gameplay

On reaching the hospital Elle walked to the front desk and said,"Hello,I'm Elle,I just joined today as an intern."

"Hello Miss Elle,let me",said front desk staff Mr. Efrain. 

"It's Mrs. Elle Scott",she corrected. 

"Oh I see",he said,"Okay,you're going to work under Dr. Andres,he is in room 104.Good luck!"

"Thanks",she said and went to meet Dr. Andres.

Elle knocked at the door of Dr. Andres's cabin and asked,"May I come in?"

"Come in." replied Dr. Andres.

"Good morning",said Elle entering into his room,"I'm Elle,I'm in the internship under you."

"Good morning,welcome to residency.",he said "Well,you'll start with analyzing these two patients' medical reports.Submit the results to me as soon as they're finished.Be quick but be correct."

She took the report and said,"Okay doctor."

"Great,I made a list of to-do and not-to-do which,I belief,will save you from making disasters.",he said.

She took the list and asked,"Anything else?"

"No,that's all for now.",he replied.

sims 4 gameplay

Elle walked out of Mr. Andres's cabin and started analyzing the reports on the lab computer.Meanwhile,Ray reached at the police station.

sims 4 gameplay

He felt so happy for his being finally able to be on the path of achieving his dream.He murmured softly looking upward with a happy face,"Thank you Simmer!!! For a moment I just thought that you're going to nip my dream in the bud." He then entered inside the police station and was instructed to meet the Cadet Class Counselor.

"Welcome Ray.Enter to learn,go forth to serve.",said the Cadet Counselor as he assigned Ray to one of the squads."Now it's time to take your first case.Check our database to chose one."

"Okay Sir",Ray replied.

sims 4 gameplay

He then chose his first case from the police database and left for the crime scene.While he was travelling to the crime scene Elle finished analyzing the medical reports.

"Here are the reports.",Elle said as she handed over the results of her analysis to Dr. Andres.

"Good,now I'll take you to attend your first patient.",he said,"By the way,did you read the list I gave you?"

Elle kept silent as she forgot to read it.He caught her looking at her face and said,"Okay,read now and meet me at the patient ward when you're ready." 
"I will",she replied.
"But not at a snail's pace.",he said and walked away.

She then went through the list very carefully and found that she needed to make her germ-free before meeting the patients.So she washed her hands and headed for the patient ward.

sims 4 gameplay

She attended her first patient assisted by Dr. Andres.According to the patient's medical report which she had just analyzed,the patient had Bloaty Head Syndrome.She decided to inject him the medicine.But before that she served him some food.

sims 4 gameplay

She then injected him with the medicine and his Bloaty Head Syndrome flew away.

sims 4 gameplay

Dr. Andres congratulated her as she successfully treated her first patient.She then went for her next patient.

To be continued......

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